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Welcome to the Conrad API Statistics Page.

The Conrad API can be used with a simple URL to get statistics about the game for example the amount of active players, total players spawned, most joined server etc.


Heres some examples on how to use the statistic API using the playersSpawned statistic.

Were going to be getting the number of players spawned ever in Conrad using the API. To get the number we use the following URL.


The first part of the URL is the "http://api.playconrad.net/" this is the link to the Conrad API.

The second part of the URL is the "stats.php?" this is the PHP file for the statistic part of the API.

The third part of the URL is the "stat=playersSpawned" this is name for the type of statistic we want, in our case its playersSpawned (case sensitive)

The fourth part of the URL is the "value=0" this is the value for the the statistic, since were only getting the amount of players spawned we dont need to change this to anything.

The fith part of the URL is the "operation=read" this is the state we want to edit the statistic as, since were reading the data we will use "read"

Statistic Types (stat=)

playersSpawned : The amount of players that have successfully spawned on any server.

gameLaunched : The amount of times the game has been launched and has successfully rendered the main menu.

Operation Types (operation=)

read : Read out the statistic.

write : write to the statistic.